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About Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine that is still used today. Herbalism is practiced world wide and comes in many different forms depending on the culture and climate in which it originates.

Benna primarily works in Western Herbal medicine, which blends modern science, traditional herbal use and energetics from North America, Europe, and India. 

Herbalists primarily use whole plant medicines, in the form of tinctures, teas, capsules, creams, oils etc., along with nutrition and lifestyle advice, to treat acute and chronic conditions. 

What do Herbalists treat?

Herbalism is based on the theory that we work to treat the human rather than the disease. This means that Herbal medicine doesn't use just one herb for a certain disease but works to treat the whole person based on the root of the issue and how that is manifesting in each patient. Herbal medicine therefore doesn't just treat the disease but it also helps bring all aspects of the human back towards balance and health, including physical, mental and spiritual aspects. 

The strengths of herbal medicine are in preventative health, and complex or chronic disease, but it is also very effective in acute situations as well.

Human beings have evolved alongside plants and until recently would have incorporated the plants that we now consider 'medicinal' into their daily lives. These plants have micro-nutrients and complex chemical compounds that aren't found in our 'food' plants nor pharmaceuticals. They have actions that support us in our innate ability to achieve and return to health. 

Some examples of what Herbal Medicine can treat are:

  • Acute cold and flu, or the prevention of.

  • Digestive Disturbances

  • Sleep troubles

  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression

  • Diabetes

  • Sexual health concerns, including Menstrual, Fertility and Erectile Dysfunction.

  • Auto-Immune disease

  • Chronic infectious disease such as Lyme's and HIV

  • Adjunct support in Cancer treatment

  • Skin issues

  • Joint and muscle pain

  • Respiratory concerns

  • Liver and Gall Bladder health

  • Hypertension

  • Palliative care

  • and so much more

Herbs can be used safely and very effectively alongside other forms of medicine including pharmaceuticals. But his must be done with an in depth knowledge of the plants and pharmacology, which is part of a Registered Herbalists training.

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